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Reflecting on our time as kids, we all vividly remember the feelings evoked from those first bike rides – freedom, independence, confidence and fun. These same feelings continue to resonate with us today each time we climb onto a bike. Bikes are how we commute, relax, explore, exercise and play, sometimes all at the same time. Bikes take us to places we wouldn’t otherwise see, and bring us together with people we wouldn’t have otherwise met. They offer freedom and fresh perspective. Bikes don’t judge. They don’t care what kind of rider you are. No secret code, no underground language. They simply call to be ridden.

Your Ride. Our Passion.

Core Values

Diversity: Every rider is unique, and we like it that way! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, young or old, daring downhiller or casual cruiser, we are here to enable you to develop your skills and fulfill all your cycling dreams while staying within your budget. You are special, and our bikes are special. Bikes are for EVERYBODY!

Exceptional Experience: We strive to help you find the right bike for your riding style, make sure you get an efficient and comfortable fit, and provide professional mechanical support. What are you capable of? What will your next adventure be? You can count on us to inspire, inform, teach, and celebrate you along your riding journey. We will be there to listen to you and help guide you every pedal stroke of the way. We want your experience on your bike to be one of unencumbered bliss. Free of hassle. Full of fun.

Community: Our cycling community brings us so much joy! It is our cornerstone. In appreciation, we seek to serve and grow this community through volunteerism at local events, grants and sponsorship of community cycling organizations, and education. In house, we strive to offer a variety of workshops and group rides led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable local riders aimed at helping you experience more confidence and enjoyment on your bikes. Welcome to YOUR cycling community.

Dependability: You can expect that our sales staff has been rigorously trained, and is as enthusiastic about your next ride as you are. You can depend on our highly skilled mechanics who will work diligently to get you back on the road or trail as quickly as possible if should a problem should arise.

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