All Riders must Read

Rules of the Race


1 - This electronically timed race is strictly a fundraising event for amateur bicyclists and is not sanctioned by any race body or organization. Prize money is for rider motivation and adding some additional excitement to the ride.

2 - Our route app has our route rated as expert level but others would say it's more intermediate. Either way you must be in good physical riding shape to complete this course. If you have any medical issues at all we recommend you do not race this course.

3 - This route has been set up basically 50% gravel, 50% road and is geared toward gravel bike riding but any other type of bike is acceptable as long as it is not motorized in any way, electric, gas engine or other. 

4 - We highly discourage riding a thin wheel road bike because you will be riding across several miles of rough gravel road.

5 - Wear typical bright colored clothing and you must have an approved bicycle helmet and a red blinking rear tail light. 

6 - There will be two water stop area’s, one at the intersection of North Holcomb Road and East Randall Road, one at the intersection of Kit Carson Loop and Summit Road. Each water stop will have a port-a-potty. These locations are subject to change so make sure you check back to this site right up until the week before race day. There are public restrooms at the summit view area. 

7 - After riders start their race all car drivers intending to pick up  riders must make their way to Argonne Road and head north to Mt Spokane Road, turn right, and take this road to the mountain awards tent area where there will be parking available at Selkirk Lodge. We do NOT want cars following the race route. You will need a day discovery pass to park on state park land. These can be obtained at the ranger station located at park entry on Mt. Spokane Rd.
8 - After you’ve completed your race, for those of you who need a ride back down to the parking area at East Valley High School, we will have shuttle buses and bike transportation available for you to take down the mountain. We plan on buses rotating through every 30 minutes or so and you must have your bus ticket with you. This bus service is ONLY for riders, no exceptions. You must sign up for this service when you pay your entry fee.

9 - There will be raffles at the awards tent and your race number will be your entry. You must be present to win.

10 - There will be at least two EMTs stationed along the route in case you have a medical emergency.

11 - Summit Road will be closed to autos on race day so no cars will be able to drive to the summit view area.

12 - We encourage spectators to watch riders cross the finish line at the view area but they will need to hike to the summit viewing area on State Park designated trails only.

13- There will be a security guard posted all day at the East Valley High School to watch over your parked cars. There will also be two guards stationed at the awards area to watch over your bikes while you're enjoying yourselves. We will also be checking ID’s for entry into the beer garden area so make sure you have identification on you.

Race Rules

1 - Our time clock is the only clock, no other means will qualify. No disputes will be allowed keeping in mind this is a fundraising event and for fun only.

2 - This is strictly a self supported bike race. Absolutely no outside help is allowed. We suggest you carry spare tire tubes, tools, water etc. on your bike. Absolutely no sag wagon help or assistance . Anyone found to have received any outside help will be disqualified and your race number removed. Race marshals will be monitoring this.

3 - There will be flaggers at the Mt. Spokane, North Holcomb intersection due to having to cross traffic. You must adhere to the road flaggers request to stop and wait for traffic if directed to do so. This is for your safety.

4 - All rider times will automatically be kept track of via an electronic chip which will be in your ride number you must keep on your bike at all times. Any removal or relocated number to an alternative bike is an automatic disqualification after you have crossed the start pad.

5 - You will also be furnished a corresponding number to wear on your jersey in order to keep bikes and riders together. You will also need your number on you for any raffles or awards.

6 - Your ride will be complete once you cross the finish line pad at the very top of Mt. Spokane. Your race is now over so carefully and slowly ride back down the mountain on Summit Road to what is commonly called “snowmobile parking” area to Selkirk Lodge where awards tents will be set up surrounded by food trucks and beer garden. Keep in mind when making your way down other riders will still be riding up to the top.

7 - Your bike will have a brief inspection before entering the start pad area to make sure it is not motorized.

8 - This is a FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD RIDE so all riders must stay to the right of the road in SINGLE FILE. This is the law and will be monitored by race marshals and possibly State Patrol. If you need to pass another rider do so with great care and check for traffic first.

9 - There will be road signs along the route to direct you and you must follow these signs which will govern over your route app.

10 - A staggered start time will begin approximately 8:00am and continue until 9:30am. You do not need to be at the start area at 8:00am, you will have an hour and a half to cross the start pad. Keep in mind this is a timed race and there will be no group start. One person at a time will cross the start pad. We suggest that riders who feel they will complete the course quickly don’t start until closer to 9:00 am because you may be waiting for some time at the awards tent area for results.

11 - There will be three male categories and three female for a total of six race categories; Age 16-40 years, 41-60 and 61 and up. Each category winner will receive a $500.00 check, Second place $300.00, Third place $200.00. All other places through eighth place will receive incrementally lesser amounts in either cash or bike shop gift cards or discounts. The overall fastest timed male  and fastest timed female will be crowned “King & Queen of the Mountain" winner regardless of age and receive an additional $500.00 each.

12 - You must be present to receive your prize money or gift.

13 - If you feel you cannot complete the course you will have a couple bail out options. If you make it to Kit Carson Loop you can walk/ride out to the Mt. Spokane Road hairpin turn parking lot and call for help or wait for a race marshal to assist you back down the mountain or to the awards tent area where you will be able to call for a ride. Do not assume a race official will be readily available.  

14 - Some areas of the course may not have cell service so don’t assume you will be able to get help with your phone.  Our marshals and water stop people will have two-way radios to assist you.

15 - The race will be run rain or shine and no refunds will be provided for any reason. Please consider this is a fund raiser and your entry money will be going to a very worthy cause even if you were unable to attend.Last but not least, have fun and thank you for helping us fund research for cures to cancers.

16 - Drafting, or team drafting is not allowed. It's crucial that all racers thoroughly understand and strictly adhere to the rules of the road. We're committed to maintaining a level playing field by disallowing drafting. While we'll have race marshals on duty, it's important to remember that they can't be omnipresent, which may present challenges in monitoring this. At a marshal's discretion, we reserve the right to disqualify any racer from prize money attempting to gain an unfair advantage. i.e., Cutting course, any motorized bike, team drafting, etc. There will be instances where faster riders might catch slower ones and "draft" due to being safe and setting up a pass.  

Race Agenda

What Racers can Expect

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Official Chip Timing

The official chip time is the only official time for the race.

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Self-Supported Race

Absolutely no outside help is allowed. No sag-wagons. Pack your own gear. Race Day Marshalls will be monitoring the route.

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Water & Potty Stops

Racers can expect at least two water stops equipped with port-a-potties along the route. In addition to the start & finish lines.

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Gravel & Road Climbing

Any human powered (non-motorized) bicycle can be raced. The route is about 50% rough gravel & 50% pavement.

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After Race Event & Winners Circle Party

Join us for beer & pizza and gear! Winners & prizes will be announced following the race at Selkirk Lodge.

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Rules of the Road

Much of the route is shared and cyclists must abide by the rules of the road where applicable.

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Shuttle Service

Riders have the option to take a shuttle with their bikes back to the starting line. Let us know when you register if you'll be using the shuttle.

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View Official Rules

All riders are encouraged to review race information, race rules, and must sign a waiver to be eligible to ride. Official Rules